What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Through our CSA, members purchase a share in our farm and pay an upfront cost for that share.  The money from these shares helps us purchase the supplies we need for the upcoming growing season. In return, during the harvest season, CSA members receive a weekly share of freshly picked, Organic vegetables from our farm.  This arrangement not only gives security to the farmers, but also provides members with a fresh source of local produce at a lower cost than they would pay at a grocery store or a farmer’s market. In addition, CSA connects communities to their farmers and vice versa, and creates a community based around healthy and delicious food. While most CSA programs occur during the summer, we have chosen to focus on the spring, fall, and winter seasons when fresh produce can be much harder to find. Through the use of unheated greenhouses, we are able to offer fresh produce year-round. All Produce is Certified Organic.

For the 2019 CSA season, Little River Farm will be offering a Spring Share and our Little River Farm Loyalty Program. For each program, you will be receiving a pre-made insulated bag. The amount of produce in the bag is enough to feed a couple or a small family.

Spring Share: $500 for 18 Weeks of Vegetables from Mid March- Mid July. For the first half of the program, the bags will mostly contain fresh greens, such as spinach, salad mix, arugula, kale, various microgreens, broccoli rabe, and bok choi. As the program progresses, you will start to receive asparagus, rhubarb, zucchini, broccoli, turnips, fresh potatoes, herbs, and even tomatoes. Spring CSA members will also receive various plants for their gardens as part of the program.

Fall Share; $275, 11 Weeks of Vegetables From Sept 13-Nov 21st. A combination of fresh greens/ microgreens and storage crops- carrots, beets, parsnips, celery root, sweet potatoes, turnips

Little River Farm Loyalty Program: Purchase the spring and fall share together as a package and receive 8 weeks of vegetables in the summer for only $150, for a total cost of $1150 for 44 weeks of fresh, organic produce ( $26/ week). Becoming a Little River Farm Loyalty Member is the only way to gain access to our summer CSA program.

Weekly Pickup Locations and Cost:

      For both the Spring and Fall CSA Programs, we offer one pick- up location with two pick- up dates.

At both locations, you will receive a pre-made bag.

   Fridays 3-6 PM at Little River Farm 125 William Reynolds Rd Exeter, RI

        Saturdays 8-1 PM at Little River Farm 125 William Reynolds Rd Exeter, RI .

  How Do I Join?

Purchase share online under " Purchase CSA" Tab. If you prefer to pay by check, please send full payment to:

                                     Little River Farm 191a Stony Ln North Kingstown, RI 02852